Portable Sanitation Products for Short and Long Term Use

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Folding Porta Potty
Shower, Toilet, Combination, Hot Water, Sewer, Holding Tank
Safety, Shower, Eyewash, Stand A Lone, Hot Water,

We offer a variety of workplace decontamination showers and health and safety shelters that offer maximum safety and meet regulatory requirements.

Eyewash, Shower, Containment Tray, Hot Water

The Model FPT 300 Original Folding Portable Toilet 

The Model FPT 300 allows you to store portable toilets out of sight but close at hand.  Twelve Model FPT 300 units on a pallet can be stored in a space that is 86" x 86" x 86" or 2.2m x 2.2m x 2.2 m.


Each Model FPT 300 is shipped on a pallet that allows expedient deployment. The Model FPT 300 ships with a full complement of consumables to last 15 people for 72 hours.

How folding portable toilet stores and ships
Stand-Alone Shower Model SJS 139

The shower unit can be stored for emergency use or used on a regular basis. Model SJS 139 can be plumbed to a central hot water system or equipped with a tankless hot water heater. The Stand-Alone Shower unit has a translucent roof and a full size shower with curtain and clothes hooks.