Portable Sanitation Products for Short and Long Term Use

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Folding Porta Potty
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We offer a folding portable toilet that is 100% assembled with a small storage or shipping footprint. The dimensions of the small footprint for 12 FPT 300 folding portable toilets are: 


86” (2.2m) x 86” (2.2m) x 86” (2.2m)



This original portable toilet has been used for over 100,000 natural disasters, private land, military maneuvers or special events worldwide.  


3,000 Model FPT 300 units were the exclusive portable toilets used for the 1996 Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta, Georgia and for Woodstock 99 in Rome, New York.


We have been manufacturing, servicing and renting sanitation and shower facilities since 1971.


The Model FPT 300 folding portable toilets are shipped with a hand sanitizer (with refill), toilet tissue holder (with paper), and starter supply of Porta John® EMJ 2075 portable toilet deodorizer.



The Model FPT 300 original folding portable toilet is the toilet of choice for individuals and organizations who wish to have sanitation on hand that will allow them to keep fuctioning and/or maintain a hygienic home or workplace in times of natural or man-made disasters.


Important Facts To Consider


Remember - when your phones and lavatories do not function, neither will the phones be working at your local sanitation company.


It will be much easier to arrange for servicing of your own portable toilets than it will be to rent portable toilets in time of a natural disaster.


Each Model FPT 300A is shipped with sufficient consumables and is designed to supply sanitation facilities for up tp 15 people for 72 hours.



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We offer a variety of workplace decontamination showers and health and safety shelters that offer maximum safety and meet regulatory requirements.

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The Model FPT 300 Original Folding Portable Toilet 

The Model FPT 300 allows you to store portable toilets out of sight but close at hand.  Twelve Model FPT 300 units on a pallet can be stored in a space that is 86" x 86" x 86" or 2.2m x 2.2m x 2.2 m.


Each Model FPT 300 is shipped on a pallet that allows expedient deployment. The Model FPT 300 ships with a full complement of consumables to last 15 people for 72 hours.

How folding portable toilet stores and ships